TMNT Turtle Power Oversized Insert Bracket

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Turtle Power Oversized Insert Bracket

As I was enjoying cooperative games with my fellow monks for the first time with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the past few nights, I began to notice areas of the playfield that could use improvement, and the proverb ,“The thousand brilliant accomplishments of the past cannot serve today's purpose.” came to mind. It basically means what has come before does not matter when today comes. That is no more clear than with the TURTLE POWER insert where Stern’s good decisions about insert choice and coloring in the past were irrelevant because the glaring, out of place white lighting chosen for these words on this insert.

It was clear almost from the first time I laid eyes on the playfield lit that white was just wrong. The letters demanded a turtle-complementary green to be truly harmonious, and I resolved then to bring this idea to fruition. And so, I made an oversized bracket to cover the entire insert under the playfield and used a mid-green gel to color the white light. I also added steadying tabs so the whole bracket would not shift when the playfield was moved. As soon as I powered the machine back on after making the change, it was clear that this is what the machine demanded from the start and all was right again in our place at the top of the world.

Since I am not one to withhold accessories that would bring pleasure to your world, I am also now offering this bracket for you to purchase as well.