Star Wars Multiball Mode Insert Bracket Set

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Star Wars Multiball Mode Insert Bracket Set

“Paint the Dragon, dot the eyes” is a proverb that every háizi has heard growing up. I am not excluded from that group, and from time to time I reflect on that proverb in my adult life. It is about a little boy who made fantastic paintings of dragons, and when he completed the eyes, they came to life.

And that brings us to the barren, very bright white inserts on the Stern beast known as STAR WARS. When working the machine over with my Shaolin silverball skills, those two barren orbs blasting bright white LED light brought that old proverb to my mind and inspired me to “dot” them with color and bring the machine to life.

So, I put the livestock on the treadmills to generate the power required to print the brackets I could see clearly in my head, and I went to work crafting them.

The “dragon eyes” I completed are jewel tones of red and green. Red for the JEDI Multiball insert and green for the Victory Multiball insert. As I hoped, upon adding them to the machine, the dragon before me sprang to life. And I have now made this two bracket kit available to bring life to your "dragon" as well.