Protective Leg Washers

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Protective Leg Washers

These colored protective leg washers are much harder then the nylon version you can buy everywere. The tolerances is better and also these washers have less deformation than the nylon version. These washers are a very good quality made by injection molding and are not 3D printed! 

Available in 20 different colors! Choose your favorite color!

Number 1 (Black) in the top and number 20 (Yellow) in the bottom.

  1. Black
  2. Light black
  3. Grey
  4. White
  5. Yellow
  6. Yellow/Orange
  7. Yellow/Brown
  8. Orange
  9. Pink
  10. Orange/Red
  11. Red
  12. Purple
  13. Blue Dark
  14. Blue Light
  15. Blue Baby
  16. Blue Old
  17. Blue/Green
  18. Light Green
  19. Green Lime
  20. Yellow Old

The price is for 8 washers.

We are taking a break! You can still look around on our website and place an order but please keep in mind that we will start shipping again on August 22.