Premium Ultra-Gloss Pinball®

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Premium Ultra-Gloss Pinball®


Premium Ultra-Gloss Pinball

For those of you who can't get enough of those "high end" pinballs. Stupidly shiny high-gloss finish that will burn the retinas right off of your eyeballs if you aren't careful. Try not to look directly at the pinball!

Standard size (1 and 1/16 inches) and weight (2 and 7/8 ounces).

These pinballs are carbon-core and work also great in games with magnets!

These balls exceed all pinball machine manufacturer's roundness and hardness specifications.

Beside these balls we sell 3 other type of pinballs:

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  • Low magnetic Balls here.
  • Inferior Grade Balls here.


  • Bally M-168-26
  • Bally 0017-00009-0546
  • Stern 260-5000-00
  • Williams 20-6500