Maverick ColorDMD

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Maverick ColorDMD


Maverick ColorDMD

XL ColorDMD replacement display for use in an Maverick pinball machine. Includes LARGE display, mounting bracket, and power cable. Easy installation*. Replace your original orange DMD with this low voltage full-color LED display.

NOTE: Displays ship preconfigured with ColorDMD SIGMA CHROMA firmware. Multicolor operation in an Maverick pinball machine requires download and installation of new firmware using a USB flash drive. Instructions for firmware update are provided, and available on the SUPPORT page of our website.


  • Similar to conventional plasma and single-color LED dot matrix displays but with full color RGB LEDs. Colors are brighter and more vivid than backlit LCD screens but dot size is fixed and high-resolution upscaling is not possible. 
  • Uses the game's 12V supply and consumes less power than the ColorDMD LCD display.
  • Ghosting is a display artifact inherent in LED display modules. It is a result of stray capacitance on the rows and columns of the LED module discharging through unlit LEDs. It is most visible when a lit LED sits at the intersection of a row and column that contain long strings of unlit LEDs. It mainly occurs as a dim glowing column of green LEDs. The Chroma controller board has been designed to minimize ghosting, but occasional artifacts may still be visible.




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