Iron Maiden Fireball Bracket Kit

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Iron Maiden Fireball Bracket Kit

Ultra cool modification for your IM Legasy of the Beast pinball! This Fireball Bracket will make the mode color inserts mates the actual mode colors!

There is a common Chinese proverb that says one takes on the color of his surroundings. It's an old proverb, so look past the sexist phrasing, that's not the point. The point is the loop jackpot lighting on Iron Maiden stuck out like a sore thumb because the stark white lights weren't designed to be harmonious with the fiery colors around them. So I fixed that, with a graduated color bracket that takes the inserts from yellow to fiery as the loop progresses. The results, I must say in a very immodest, un-monk-like way, are spectacular. It makes the boring progression of lights the Fireball Loop it was meant to be.

This Fireball loop bracket has 4 colored windows in a bracket that fits over the existing windows for the inserts. Given that each insert has a separate light board, and because the area is very tight to work in and the light bracket has a detailed design that needs to fit "just so" in the area, this board installation will take about 10-15 minutes instead of the usual 5-10 for other lighting brackets I have in the store here.

The screws for the light boards in this area are very short and the factory screws *just barely* make contact with the PF with the bracket installed and the individual light boards over that, so in keeping with the proverb, "Before the rains, repair the cloth" (i.e. plan ahead), I've added 4 slightly longer hex-head screws to this kit to make sure the bracket will be secure. So you will receive the Fireball bracket and a small bag with the 4 screws along with it to replace the factory screws.


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