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LED ColorDMD CHROMA for Data East and SEGA

LED ColorDMD display for use in Data East and SEGA pinball machines.  Ships with CHROMA avanced single-color ROM which allows customer selection of 97 different color hues and three different display effects including classic dots, high-definition upscaling, and scan lines.  

Includes display, mounting bracket, and power cable. Easy installation. Replace your original orange DMD with this low voltage full-color LED display.

CHROMA introduces advanced image upscaling algorithms to eliminate grid lines between dots, smooth diagonal lines, and brighten the overall display. CHROMA also introduces new capabilities like CRT scan-line emulation for games like Guns & Roses to provide an enriched player experience like no other! CHROMA is the only pinball display on the planet that provides capabilities to customize your display by choosing from among 97 different color hues and different diplay effects like classic dots, HD interpolation, and scan lines!

NOTE: Displays ship preconfigured with ColorDMD CHROMA firmware.  This display shares the same hardware platform with our multicolor display products, and can be converted to multicolor operation using our existing library of supported ROM files.  Multicolor operation requires download and installation of new firmware using a USB flash drive. Instructions for firmware update are provided, and available on the SUPPORT page of the ColorDMD website.


  • Similar to conventional plasma and single-color LED dot matrix displays but with full color RGB LEDs. Colors are brighter and more vivid than backlit LCD screens but dot size is fixed and high-resolution upscaling is not possible. 
  • Uses the game's 12V supply and consumes less power than the ColorDMD LCD display.
  • Ghosting is a display artifact inherent in LED display modules. It is a result of stray capacitance on the rows and columns of the LED module discharging through unlit LEDs. It is most visible when a lit LED sits at the intersection of a row and column that contain long strings of unlit LEDs. It mainly occurs as a dim glowing column of green LEDs. The Chroma controller board has been designed to minimize ghosting, but occasional artifacts may still be visible.


SIGMA Chroma 3.2 ROM Update (Click to start download. Save file as 'colordmd.rom'.)

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