Cabinet Decals Apply Service

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Cabinet Decals Apply Service


Cabinet Decals Apply Service

Don't want to apply your new decals yourself? No problem! We can do that professionally for you! This is an apply service for the whole cabinet, so the full lower cabinet and the backbox. 

How does it works?

  • You deliver us your cabinet.
  • We strip the old decals off.
  • We repair your cabinet where needed.
  • We make it flat as a mirror.
  • We apply putty.
  • We apply a few fresh layers of black paint.
  • We apply the new decals.

The end result: A new cabinet finished to a high standard collectors quality!

Please contact us if you should have any questions.


  • Price does not include new decals.
  • Price does not include transport.
  • Applying a new warning text on the back of the backbox is not included in the price.