Avengers I-R-O-N and ARC Reactor Color Bracket Set

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Avengers I-R-O-N and ARC Reactor Color Bracket Set

CrrrrhhkKKKK! Shwihhhh-BOOOM. The sound was at once everywhere and nowhere, yanking me from a fitful sleep in the cool night of fall. I slid my legs out from under the sheets, swinging them over the edge of the bed and standing unsteadily, struggling to make sense of what happened just as a deep, abusive throbbing that seemed to make the ground beneath my feet quiver came. A thunderstorm. It was just a thunderstorm, but with spectacular lightning and persuasive thunder that seemed to be drilling from the heavens directly overhead right into the ground at my feet. Flash---CRACK! Another bolt of electric blue split the sky followed by more thunder exploded, ushering Laysah into my room and under my bed.

Now that I was more awake, I stood near my window, watching as the storm moved away, with its spectacular white-blue fingers clawing at the sky and angrily piercing the ground as I soothed Laysah by talking to her as she remained burrowed in the corner under my bed. It was a much better show to watch with some distance between myself and the storm, and as I could hear Laysah calming down, my mind began to wander slightly and the idea slipped into my head that the electric white blue of the lightning was exactly what was missing from the arc reactor inserts in Avengers. It was a strange time to have that thought, but who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth?

The I-R-O-N inserts on Avengers are in the shape of arc reactors, but the lighting is a warm white, which does not suggest electric arcing at all. In addition, the matching arc reactor insert at the base of the tower is warm white as well. I went to my desk and quickly sketched out a bracket and chose a blue that would be harmonious with the arc reactor animation on-screen in the game and what I came up with was delightful. The storm that interrupted my sleep had solved a problem I was not even aware of in my initial play of the game.

And now, you can have theme-appropriate coloring on your I-R-O-N and arc reactor inserts with my set of three brackets that install on your game in a matter of minutes. And for you, no sleep-shattering storm is required.